Men and women

Men and women

Thuasne is a committed company vis-à-vis its employees.

Trust constitutes the fundamental cement not only among employees but also with directors, customers, suppliers, consultants and partners, etc.

By favouring a flat organization chart, Thuasne has placed itself in a position to be a reactive company, a business of entrepreneurs in which everyone can express their entrepreneurial spirit.

Thuasne is also a living business which promotes geographic mobility within a group which is now global in reach.

By assigning increasing importance to small teams-projects which are reconfigurable, multicultural and involve a variety of skills, Thuasne is inventing new modes of management by project. It is definitively shifting towards new forms of organizations, which are more flexible and agile, adapted to new constraints and to “digital native” employees.

Changes are therefore facilitated through diversified career paths within a group where skill acquisition is part of a long-term approach.

The internal training drive supports this upward promotion dynamic.

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