Thuasne’s professions

Thuasne’s professions


Thuasne’s core business is textiles and the group is proud of its manufacturing expertise in all stages, from the transformation and fabrication of the thread through to the completion and quality inspection of finished products.

This industrial know-how is founded on a broad palette of specialized fields (wrapping , knitting, weaving, assembly, etc.) and extensive expertise. Working with delicate materials requires remarkable precision in all aspects of Thuasne’s operations. Within the health sector there are specific requirements and stringent quality standards, and Thuasne is well known for its exceptional quality.

A specific feature of Thuasne’s activity is its capacity to mass produce high quality standard size products while at the same time providing the capability to make precise custom made-to-measure products for individual’s who can’t be fit with routine sizes.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve and evolve, Thuasne constantly infuses new innovations and fabrication efficiencies into its manufacturing processes.

Thuasne places the ongoing development of employee skills at the center of its concerns.


Thuasne is recognized for its highly efficient logistics to ensure the achievement of delivery deadlines and customer demands.

This level of performance requires highly precise volume projections in order to accurately define the production schedules.

The logistics professions bring together all skill sets needed to forecast orders and plan the activity. Meeting this challenge makes it possible to ensure that almost 99% (from 01/01/2013 to 30/06/2015) of products are available when the order is placed in France.

Customer relations lie at the heart of this process. Thuasne favors direct contact with customers via employees working in business units in most countries where Thuasne is present.


Understanding the needs of patients makes it possible to offer therapeutic solutions which treat diseases and offer the patient optimum comfort.

In keeping with the Group’s tag line (“Wings for your health”), the patient is central to the design process. Thanks to their ergonomic and innovative design, the vast range of therapeutic solutions offered by Thuasne are clinically effective and easy to use, ensuring the highest level of patient compliance.

The professions which participate in this design mission are related to R&D, clinical research, design and marketing. Employees with diverse skills and perspectives, working as a dedicated project team and often collaborating with medical advisors, creates a product development pipeline. This allows Thuasne to come up with innovative and effective solutions aimed at meeting the needs of the people at all stages of their life, ranging from children, to active athletes or older patients.


Present in numerous countries, the Thuasne sales teams serve as ambassadors for Thuasne’s healthcare solutions. Thanks to their work in the field, the teams stay tuned in to customers so as to understand and analyze their needs and offer them solutions in terms of products and services.

The Thuasne sales force also ensures training of customers to allow them to become fully familiar with the medical devices offered for the benefit of users.

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