Our commitment

Our commitment


In keeping with its long-term values, Thuasne has taken a proactive approach to reducing its environmental impact. In 2009, Thuasne obtained ISO 14001 certification for its industrial sites in Saint-Etienne.


In 2014, Thuasne obtained ISO 50001, which reflects the company’s ability to optimize energy consumption.


Since 2013, the permanent recycling of cooling water from the dyeing process has made it possible to cut water consumption by 30% and conserve enough water to fill the equivalent of two Olympic-size swimming pools.


Since 2010, the Group’s industrial sites have reduced their waste by 40 tons per year.


The Group’s industrial sites do not cause significant atmospheric releases, and emissions are consistently below the authorized upper limits.


As part of our long-term values and strategies, Thuasne has consistently participated in the creation of jobs in its host regions. For instance, in its most historical location, Saint-Etienne, the Group participates in the economic vitality of the entire region.


By investing in the future, Thuasne is active in training young people through apprenticeships and a policy of welcoming trainees.


Thuasne is involved in numerous innovative ecosystems, particularly within competitiveness hubs and clusters such as Uptex, Techtera and the Medical Technologies Hub.

This investment also includes taking a lead role in the professional sector in France with ongoing involvement in the IFTH (French Institute of Textiles and Clothing).


Thuasne’s multifaceted commitment to society is also reflected in its many links with associations and active participation in emblematic projects such as “Sport dans la Ville” and “Comme un seul homme“, issues which really matter to the Group.

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