The new Thuasne brand positioning theme, “Wings for your health,” supports the individual as a “player” in his own health,

– Care: Provide the patient with innovative medical devices and customized health solutions adapted to contemporary lifestyles;

– Autonomy: Empower the patient to manage his own health capital;

– Freedom: Optimize the patient’s mobility and life.


As an internationally recognized leader of customized health solutions, the Thuasne Group envisions #Medweartech as the strategic intersection of medicine, materials and digital technologies.

Characters traits

Thuasne is faithful to its historic “character traits” which have stood the test of time since 1847:

– Sustainability: Work with the Group’s sixth generation of family ownership and the company’s leadership team to develop new business opportunities and prepare for future long-term success;

– Agility: Demonstrate our continuous ability to challenge and reinvent Thuasne’s business model at every economic cycle;

– Frugality: Focus on efficiency and prudent management to maintain the internal resources to self-finance future investment.

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